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The hallmarks of Core Construction Limited have always been to: 

- gain trust through hard work

- Let our work speak for itself

- Champion the use of cutting edge technology in construction.


With this in mind, we continue to exploit new ideas with the purpose of creating a dependable road network across the nation.


"If our infrastructural projects can  stand the test of time, then in the long run, enough wealth can be created for our people and this will give them a better life.''

                                                                                                  Frank K. Ramsay Lartey

                                                                                                           Founder and CEO

reconstruction of Adome Bridge
Our Mission
Core Constructio equipment

When all is said and done, reliability is the measurement by which any contractor should be judged.


Core Construction Limited has earned the reputation for providing high-performance solutions when it comes to delivering quality infrastructure.

Our Vision
Core Constructio equipment

We believe in financing our growth through our earnings and we have consistently done so. Our flat infrastructure, low over-head, and diversity of products and services give us the ability to weather economic cycles and turn them in our favor.


We aim to be one of the largest and most profitable businesses locally and regionally.

Our Values
Core Constructio plant

A strict adherence to moral principles; We make commitments with care and deliver on our promises.

We take a long-term perspective and partner other stakeholders. We earn their trust and build strategic relationships.

We build intellectual faculties; we provide innovative solutions for our customers.

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